Dr Virender Chauhan Best Gastroenterology Center in Rohtak

Dr Virender Chauhan Best Gastroenterology Center in Rohtak

डॉ वीरेंदर चौहान (पेट आंत और लिवर रोग विशेषज्ञ)

Dr. Virender Chauhan, MD, DM, is a member of ISG, ACG, SGEI , INASL, ESGE, WEO. He is the Director & HOD of Department of Gastroenterology Hepatobiliary Sciences at Noble hospital, Rohtak. He is a gastroenterologist, hepatologist and therapeautic endoscopist. He is trained from the SMS medical college Jaipur and IDL care Hospital, Mumbai for EUS training. Dr. Chauhan was the first person to start Endoscopic Ultrasound (EUS) in Rohtak. He is expert in doing advanced procedures (ERCP, Pseudoscyst / WON drainage/ EMR etc.)”

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We provide Advanced treatment for liver related diseases, some procedures for which the patient has to go to a big hospital in Delhi or Gurgaon, those procedures are done by Dr. Virender Chauhan at Noble Heart Hospital Rohtak.